Hello! My name is Christina. I’m a Christian, Wife, Mother, Hairstylist, Coffee Addict, and also an Adoption Advocate. My friends would describe me as an “organized mess.” Aren’t we all??

I got married in 2009 (pre-Pinterest days) and I gained an obsession with Etsy. Who hasn’t? As I mentioned, I do hair —  and I work primarily with Brides. I find myself smiling as they talk about their new Etsy Addictions. I can’t help but warn them about the fact that all of these Etsy Shops have Instagram Accounts and that there is a wonderful world of Instagram shopping right within their reach.

They are always shocked or confused. If you are someone who hasn’t found Instagram Shopping, you are reading the right blog.  I’m here to be your tour guide & show you some wonderful shops, and some that even stand for great causes. These are predominantly HANDMADE items by Women & Mamas that are able to work from home.  Most of them support their families through this avenue.

First things first, if you don’t have one already, you are going to want to set up a PayPal account. This is so when you see an item on IG that you want, you simply just comment with your PP email, size, color, etc.. Then in two easy clicks the item is yours.

It’s dangerous. But, you’re welcome.

Once a month I will be featuring different shops and posting different tips, lists, & deals for you to enjoy. So with that said, it’s nice to finally introduce myself to you all!

See you later (probably shopping on IG! Lol)

Love, Christina aka @fifiandmo

mommy daughter photoshoot

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