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Hello! My name is Christina. I’m a Christian, Wife, Mother, Hairstylist, Coffee Addict, and also an Adoption Advocate. My friends would describe me as an “organized mess.” Aren’t we all?? I got married in 2009 (pre-Pinterest days) and I gained an obsession with Etsy. Who hasn’t? As I mentioned, I do hair —  and I […] Read more…

This Girl Runs on Caffeine and Grace


Her: “Ugh, my son keeps throwing sand at that little boy! Why is he being so terrible today?” You: “Yeah I noticed that. He’s one hyper little boy huh?” Then it happens. You hear crickets. You’re in major trouble. You just broke “Mom code” and didn’t even realize it until it was too late. It’s one of […] Read more…

Monster Donuts

Fun + Kid Friendly Halloween Treats!

  Halloween is right around the corner, so what better way to get into this candy filled holiday than with candy? 🙂 Here are three super fun and easy Halloween inspired treats that your kids will be begging to sink their teeth into. Note: I found everything that I needed for all three treats at […] Read more…

columbus day map crafts

Christopher Columbus Day {Crafts + Ideas}

On top of all the craziness going on over here with having children, toddlers, and newborns, Jess and I decided we wanted to homeschool them too — together! Ha! I’m not sure if either of us knew what we signed up for when we agreed to homeschool our kids, but either way we are in […] Read more…

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