I really don’t know what I ever did before Pinterest.  Whenever I am in the mood to be a little crafty or wanting to do something special for the kids, I am never disappointed with what I find.  It has made me a really cool mom–to my kids anyways! I am the least crafty person on the planet, so if I can do these then you definitely can too.  And as you will see ours did not turn out perfect because they were made completely by tiny hands, so they turned out better than perfect!  If you are looking for a super easy, fun Halloween snack for the kids then you have to try these cute little donut spiders creatures.  If you are headed to a Halloween party then bring these along as your dish and the kids will go crazy over these fun treats.

Side note: these are actually supposed to be spiders but my boys insisted on 4 legs instead of 8.  And since I am a homeschool teacher we had a whole lesson about spiders all from this little snack.  Hence, why we had to change the name to “creatures.” So this fun project served as a dual purpose for us.  Have fun with these!


Here’s what you’re going to need:

Mini chocolate donuts, pretzels, chocolate chips, M&M’s


 1. Use a sharp knife to cut the two curved sides off.  A trick would be to use larger pretzels         they will stand better.  I just used tiny because that was all we had.

2. Carefully push 8 of the cut pretzels into the donut making the legs.  My kids chose to do only 4 legs- so there you go, I guess it’s their project anyways. 

3. Melt a little chocolate in a sandwich bag. Clip off a tiny corner and pipe some chocolate on the mini donut and use it to stick two M&Ms on for eyes.

Easy, fun Halloween treats the kids with love!

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