Who is this Stepford Mom you ask? The Stepford Mom comes in many forms but here are a few that you may have had the pleasure of meeting. I know I sure have!

She is that mom whose children are always so well behaved, extra polite, and just don’t seem to ever act out. She is that mom who is always put together perfectly; there is not a hair out of place and her kids look like they just popped out of a catalogue. She is that mom who never yells but always acts so calm and collective and possesses perfect patience with her children. She is that mom whose house is always spotless and organized — even when you randomly stop by for a visit!  She is a mom just like you and me, but somehow manages to have it all together. She’s the ultimate perfect women, perfect wife, and perfect mother and just has the “PERFECT LIFE! Um yeah, can I get in on that secret please?!

But let’s face it, this idea of the “stepford mom” is just an illusion and sadly, we’ve all fallen victim to her a few times in our life. She isn’t real and yet we have created this image in our heads of what we think it means to be the “perfect” wife, mother, and women.

Have you noticed that in today’s society there is this certain “standard” that us women are trying to live up to — and to be honest, it’s EXHAUSTING. It’s a never ending battle of trying to be perfect.  Our society has pushed upon us the pressures of wanting and desiring to be the “perfect” woman, but what defines perfect? Our looks? Our clothes? Our parenting style? Our relationship with our significant other? With social media presenting a false sense of reality we have become discontent. Kind of sad right? Well guess what! I have a brilliant idea! What I propose is for us all to drop the facade of perfection and let’s get real with one another! I say we stand against this level of false “perfection” and show one another what real life REALLY looks like …

The lazy days that we stayed in our pj’s because that was all the energy we could muster after a long sleepless night, or the messy house that we just can’t seem to keep clean even though we try. The heels that we’ve traded in for flats and the designer jeans that we’ve traded in for yoga pants — because let’s face it, running after our toddlers in heels would just be ridiculous. Or how about resorting to the “mom bun” because our hair hasn’t been washed in a week and the piles of laundry that seem to be endless. Now that’s REAL.

Let’s throw out these ideas of the “stepford mom” and let’s embrace and encourage one another in the craziness of motherhood. This life we live is so beautiful so why not laugh at our mistakes and praise each other in our triumphs? If we all band together I am positive we would not only uplift one another, but we would find that we could learn a thing or two along the way!

With LOTS of LOVE,  Britt and Jess

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